Scam call

They call several times daily but never leave a message. They leave several different company names

They call daily and they never leave a message.

Keep calling and hanging up or when I answer they won't say anything then hang up.

credit card interest rate scam

I got this call on May 29, 2018 around 11:00am but no one said anything. I hung up and blocked it for no more future headach.

This lady is a thief, she convinced my mom to sign her deed over to our home 5646 international drive, her name is Michelle Arnold 904-600-8975 and 904-343-9831, do not take any calls from her, she's now in the home rent free and I am paying the mortgage on it, going through litigation through duval county courts to get her evicted now, long process, be warned people

This is actually my phone number, no clue why it is being used by scammers.

401-585-9055 is Chris Robillard from Woonsocket, Rhode Island a known Registered Sex Offender. Found guilty of indecent assault and battery and rape of a child under age 14.

I received several text messages from this number, and they claimed to be a girl wanted to trade nude photos. "She" sent me some photos of an internet model, Google Image Search quickly identified that they were not real photos of the sender. As soon as I called her out on the fake photos, she tried to blackmail me with my photos, saying she would send them to all of my friends and family on Facebook and other social media. I refused to be a victim and told her to post the photos, after threatening me several times she lost interest. I do not believe my photos were posted anywhere.

A robocall from UN-known debt collection scam - a scam as I owe no one as I pay cash for everything - A search shows this number to be from Montgomery, AL. A wireless number using CELLCO PARTNERSHIP DBA VERIZON WIRELESS - AL. They keep calling using a different new number after being told to remove my number from their call list and blocked.

Called today @ 3:55 PM

Excessive calling hangs up before answering

REPEATEDLY calls early in the morning with loud complaints

Name of owner

Called and told me he found my name on the Jaguar Index. Asked me if he was speaking to me by name. Claimed the index above of Jaguar owners had my listed as owning a 60's Jaguar. Then asked me to confirm my last name. Hung up.

Left message that I did not return call about a criminal case against me he would wish me luck as I go through this.

Fake Car Warranty company; claimed the warranty on my car was going to run out and I had to hurry to renew it, and this was the last "courtesy call" they would give. I don't own a car. It was a recording.

Not right address