recorded political horse manure .

Fake IRS scam. don't call back!

Robo call from Rachael at "Credit Card Holders" looking to lower my interest rates and credit card debt. Spam

Replied the call did t hear anything for around or seconds afterward I could hear someone pick upward It sounded appreciate they took a breath to say something subsequently click they hung upwards .

Spam Blocking .

Girl greeted me within Spanish When I told her that I don t discuss Spanish she told me that she dozen t talk English No belief what she desired .

Called multiple times Last time now answered no result Called back automated message that was challenging to understand but gent will be with you shortly seconds after contacted to Jamie I inquired what business this was and he inquired if I was X Name and X Date of Birth said no and inquired not to be contacted inquired again company and would t response .

Called and inquired for me to send my societal security card Claimed his name was Anthony for AC S .

Keep calling my number.

This person doesn't know any boundaries when it comes to respect. She is a piece of work. She needs to stop throwing her nasty self at men who are married!

every day they use face time to call me day and night is stalking when i answer calling them nobody answer .

Received a call indicating that I was eligible for a free Disney vacation I presumed it may be someone striving to sell timeshares so I decided to listen The man inquired if I was near the age of and owned a credit or debit card He did not ask for a name or any numbers Just a simple yes or no If you response yes to both you are precluded and he sends you to another guy This guy gave me his name as Cesar Macias and said he worked for Premier Cancun Vacations He inquired if I had a piece of paper to write down some info and spelled his name and said he was going to give his corporate ID number when the call dropped I did t get a opportunity to inquire how a Day nighttime Disney holiday call turned into a Day Cancun call I actually desired to hear what he was going to come upwards with .

called with no message left.

BEWARE of this SCUMMIER who is using an Internet VIP Phone.

A call claiming that the IRS is after me and pending arrests are being considered against me etc Entire scam for sure I have been informed directly from the IRS that they will NEVER threaten any audit or legal action except via USPS within composed form Never worry if you get a call and some record claims to be collecting for the US Gov t .

The caller had an advertisement for a car for sale that I text them about Immediately they responded asking me if I vie ever seen The Grisliest Killer very freaky and just erroneous .

Don t have a clue who this is and I don t accept individuals not on my contact list or accept express mails so who knows My life USN t governed by this phone so striving to reach me if your not on my list is almost hopeless My voice email message is two minutes of sound to get the message across .

called at 7:30 A M - could not understand anything - was an obvious boiler room and may be out of country. Blocked now

called at AM and left no message Could have been a incorrect amount .

This number has been repeatedly testing me saying they work for a cam site and asking me to locate them a new job I asked who it was and if they knew me and they dodge the question They subsequently said they were moving near me .