If you answer the call they will forward your calls to be answered somewhere else. Haven't quite figured out where...but they will try to get information from your callers and emails. Of course they will not say anything. Just let it ring and you will probably not get information stollen from you.

Text claiming Dred Skoolboy wants me to check out MY photos on Ever. Don't know Dred Skoolboy or this cell number but I would advise against clicking the Ever link in the text. Possible that their cell contacts were hijacked by the Ever app if they downloaded it or clicked the link someone else sent them.

Who is this person, I do not know, who is calling me and disturbing

Just want to know who this is

called left message

Don't know this caller, wish they would stop calling me, please, I am 75 yrs old, please leave me alone.


This number keeps calling. It is a robo-call: the messages on my machine are partial, usually picking up mid-sentence, which tells me they are letting a computer dial me. Because the message starts mid-sentence, I have yet to hear what they claim the name of their company is. I typically hear this: "... company's security division on a recorded line. Are you hearing me okay?" or "... Medicare representative on a recorded line, are you hearing me okay?" Obvious scammers, possibly spoofing a legitimate number.

Reporting 3013022177sending texts. Saying they want to suck my feet, & sexual comments. I don't know this number. I did block them,they've sent several texts.

Stole my money

Received "Hi" text message. I didn't reply

IRS is after me...oh, woe is me!

not sure

I received a call in the middle of the night and the person hung up. I heard breathing on the line. Tried calling back, no answer. Wtf?!

I recieved two calls from this number today, caller does not come up on caller ID, nor do they leave a message. When I called back it appears its some kind of travel agency and I asked please remove my number from your damn call list.

Claims to be representing Fed Loan Servicing and wants to "help" me set up a repayment plan

Has been sending death threats to my sister. Even threatening her boyfriend and I (her sister) that they will kill her they won't I dentifrice themselves. She's completely stressing about this, and it breaks my heart to see her like this.

I received message are you still looking for a job? Texted stop after reading you blog. Also got the message that I have been unsubscribed. It is SCAM

Caller claimed he was from the Health and Human Services Department and that my daughter's name was selected by the government to receive $9,000. He provided a money confirmation number and told me to call the account manager at 202-888-3114 for instructions on how to get the money which will be available for pick up at Western Union or Wal-Mart. I did not call the number.