Called but hung up after a few rings when i did not answer. Probably scam caller.

Health Insurance Sales disregards DoNotCall

Scam! They will tell you they are with windows technical support and they are receiving error codes from your computer, and they need to fix them right away for you. DO NOT FALL FOR THIS. They are really calling you from an overseas line, to a forwarding trunk so it looks like they're in the US, or even in your local area. They put a lock on the registry, and it won't boot until you enter the password. You will have to pay a small fortune to them for this. There is no way around it unless you have a registry backup, or you format and reload from scratch.

texted me with a Craigslist Scam

Finally figured out who this person is that calls repeatedly and does not leave a message. This has been going on for a year now. The person finally left a message and I now know this telemarketer works for Renewal by Andersen. He claims to be calling because I'm supposedly looking to buy new windows. Not once did I request to be on a list for this as I'm not looking to purchase windows and I'm on the National Do Not Call List. I would love for these annoying phone calls to stop.

Sean Howard is the caller

Whose number is this?


this caller sent me a check for a puppy after i told her i would not sell to anyone i cannt talk with or meet. further investigation led me to this watch out for these horrible people!

Who number is it

solicitation call

Calles repeatedly. Caller ID shows Jamie

I played the game ...I gave them info they wanted for doctors and Medicaid saying medicaid will cover it ...sounded Indian we'll see what happens ...2 minutes later I received a call from 8553050115 claiming to be someone all important using same name as my doctor only pronounced differently lmao asking if I was in charge of electric bill!!! Tooooooo funny.

He sent me a text with this: (I don't know him at all) Click subscribe

Texted my nephew threatening him

Calling alot

Calls soon as you answer hear a radio then hangs up when I call back answers and listen to a radio again and then hangs up. And continue to call

The person calling from the number shown claimed to be US Marshall Christopher J. Smith and that there was a supposed warrant out for me from Judge Lynn Winmill. I was asked for my cell phone number and was to get a "voucher" for $495 at a local retailer and meet an officer in the lobby of the closed US District Court or be arrested. Local police think it is a scam and for me to call the US District Court tomorrow (2/6/2017)

Keeps calling and hanging up on me