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I have been scammed .
This amount belongs to the Conservative Party of Canada Routine calls made to folks inside Canada and the USA .
Its accurate they have done it to me overly recently since April the authorities are still investigating i trust i get my cash back and they detain the that took my cash .
Free airlines spam .
Called my cellular telephone phone .
We receive a call from this number several times a week I wish these individuals would Cease being so annoying .
This number has called the last days at dinner time did t decide upwards and no message left It's now blocked .
called them back in two Minutes s no response only rang and rang spammer .
Some girl who says she s a liberal candidate indoors Brampton called at p m with a lengthy poorly re coded message I don t even live in Brampton Team Trudeau give me a break .
Keeps calling and hanging upwards When I don t response they font leave a message .

Area 289 Exchanges

Exchange Primary City Company County Usage Introduced
289213-XXXX Saint Catharines Tho Cell Number 10/31/2001
289221-XXXX Aurora, ON Cell Number 10/31/2001
289228-XXXX Saint Catharines Tho Cell Number 2/16/2006
289231-XXXX Newmarket, ON Cell Number 10/31/2001
289235-XXXX Grimsby, ON Landline 6/1/2006
289237-XXXX Hamilton, ON Cell Number 5/1/2002
289238-XXXX Dundas, ON Landline 6/1/2006
289239-XXXX Ancaster, ON Landline 6/1/2006
289241-XXXX Saint Catharines Tho Cell Number 10/31/2001
289242-XXXX Oakville, ON Cell Number 10/31/2001
289251-XXXX Cobourg, ON Cell Number 10/31/2001
289259-XXXX Oakville, ON Cell Number 2/13/2002
289260-XXXX Hamilton, ON Cell Number 2/13/2002
289264-XXXX Newmarket, ON Cell Number 6/1/2006
289280-XXXX Mount Hope, ON Landline 6/25/2005
289281-XXXX Mount Hope, ON Landline 6/25/2005
289282-XXXX Hagersville, ON Landline 6/25/2005
289283-XXXX Hagersville, ON Landline 6/25/2005
289284-XXXX Caledonia, ON Landline 6/25/2005
289285-XXXX Caledonia, ON Landline 6/25/2005
289286-XXXX Binbrook, ON Landline 6/25/2005
289287-XXXX Binbrook, ON Landline 6/25/2005
289288-XXXX Burlington, ON Landline 2/16/2006
289290-XXXX Streetsville, ON Landline 10/13/2005
289291-XXXX Oakville, ON Landline 2/16/2006
289292-XXXX Niagara Falls, ON Landline 2/16/2006
289293-XXXX Burlington, ON Landline 2/16/2006
289294-XXXX Niagara Falls, ON Landline 2/16/2006
289295-XXXX Oakville, ON Landline 2/16/2006
289296-XXXX Niagara Falls, ON Landline 6/1/2006
289314-XXXX Pickering, ON Cell Number 10/31/2001
289320-XXXX Fort Erie, ON Landline 6/1/2006
289321-XXXX Fort Erie, ON Cell Number 10/31/2001
289331-XXXX Dunnville, ON Cell Number 10/31/2001
289333-XXXX Unionville, ON Landline 6/1/2006
289360-XXXX Cooksville, ON Landline 2/9/2003
289395-XXXX Newmarket, ON Cell Number 2/9/2003
289404-XXXX Oshawa, ON Cell Number 2/16/2006
289407-XXXX Saint Catharines Tho Cell Number 2/16/2006
289439-XXXX Hamilton, ON Cell Number 8/4/2002
289440-XXXX Hamilton, ON Cell Number 6/1/2006
289566-XXXX Beamsville, ON Landline 6/1/2006
289623-XXXX Malton, ON Cell Number 8/17/2004
289669-XXXX Saint Catharines Tho Cell Number 2/9/2003
289688-XXXX Oshawa, ON Cell Number 6/1/2006
289764-XXXX Brampton, ON Landline 6/1/2006
289808-XXXX Hamilton, ON Cell Number 6/1/2006
289820-XXXX Welland, ON Landline 6/1/2006
289821-XXXX Welland, ON Cell Number 10/31/2001
289822-XXXX Port Credit, ON Cell Number 8/17/2004
289828-XXXX Burlington, ON Cell Number 8/17/2004
289833-XXXX Richmond Hill, ON Cell Number 8/17/2004
289836-XXXX Port Colborne, ON Landline 6/1/2006
289868-XXXX Niagara On The Lake, Landline 6/1/2006
289876-XXXX Ridgeway, ON Landline 6/1/2006
289878-XXXX Milton, ON Landline 6/1/2006
289882-XXXX Southpick, ON Cell Number 8/17/2004
289883-XXXX Cooksville, ON Cell Number 8/17/2004
289885-XXXX Oakville, ON Cell Number 2/9/2003
289886-XXXX Oshawa, ON Cell Number 5/1/2002
289887-XXXX Hamilton, ON Cell Number 2/13/2002
289888-XXXX Oakville, ON Cell Number 10/31/2001
289889-XXXX Brampton, ON Cell Number 2/13/2002
289891-XXXX Georgetown, ON Landline 6/1/2006
289892-XXXX Pickering, ON Cell Number 8/17/2004
289893-XXXX Whitby, ON Cell Number 8/17/2004
289895-XXXX Waterdown, ON Landline 6/1/2006
289896-XXXX Streetsville, ON Cell Number 8/17/2004
289897-XXXX Pelham, ON Landline 6/1/2006
289898-XXXX Clarkson, ON Cell Number 8/17/2004


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