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please don't contact this individual again or the guard will be notified.
evil Aline.
faulty calls and texts please block both.
Talking around pills.
Received the following text message from this amount quot Message from user Hey This new herb is really working I look actually great now bit Lu Sq f quot .
Told me to quot Go suck a finger quot when I said no to services .
BEWARE I believe this individual is included within a grisliest scam I posted a thing on grisliest to sell for my elderly mom and was originally contacted Thur E Email subsequently by Text messaging asking me if the item was still available and if it was what my very greatest price was I was conscious of scams enjoy this one since they're posted on Grisliest as shortly as you try to post anything for sale thank you grisliest for noting these kinds of scams to create sellers conscious of these scumbags who try and can take advantage of everyday hardworking folks striving to create ends meet Well the remainder of the story goes as enjoy this after I answered his text he text e mailed me back stating that he wanted to buy the thing an electrical lift chair and that I could count on it sold but it would take around a week for him to see it pick it upwards he was additionally really fine and inquired me to be fully honest with him at all times and he additionally kept saying that he was a God fearing Christian and had deep religion inside God that I d be honest with him Within almost every e mail text he always brought upward God inside way or another Well then he gets back to me later that day and said his occupation needed him to work and he could t come see it himself but still needed to purchase it and he would send me a certified check for the cost plus Additional For his Shipping company to come pick it upward and send to him He said a assess would come within mail made outside to my name and after it cleared in my bank the NEXT day I could take the additional cash outside and western union it to him plus I could keep an additional for my trouble and running about which he raised to once I received the check that he had delivered to me via fed express He additionally sent me very detailed instructions on how when to send him the Additional money or he said it was being sent to his shipping business that was waiting for the payment before they would pick it upward well anyway to create a long story short I m going on with this scam as long as I will and letting him think he s going overly receive the Additional anytime now Lola the price of the seat was only He sent me a poor counterfeit assess that searches really actual for .

Area 385 Exchanges

Exchange Primary City Company County Usage Introduced
385200-XXXX Clec Unknown 5/23/2011
385201-XXXX New Cingular Wireless PCS Unknown 6/16/2011
385202-XXXX Level 3 Communications Unknown 5/6/2011
385204-XXXX Provo, UT New Cingular Wireless PCS Unknown 6/29/2009
385205-XXXX New Cingular Wireless PCS Unknown 5/26/2011
385208-XXXX Provo, UT T-mobile Usa Unknown 4/22/2010
385212-XXXX S Salt Lake, UT Level 3 Communications Unknown 12/17/2010
385218-XXXX S Salt Lake, UT Clec Unknown 12/13/2010
385221-XXXX Provo, UT Qwest Corporation Unknown 5/28/2009
385225-XXXX Cellco Partnership DBA Verizon Wireless Unknown 6/13/2011
385226-XXXX S Salt Lake, UT Cellco Partnership DBA Verizon Wireless Unknown 3/9/2011
385227-XXXX Cellco Partnership DBA Verizon Wireless Unknown 6/13/2011
385229-XXXX Cellco Partnership DBA Verizon Wireless Unknown 7/12/2011
385232-XXXX S Salt Lake, UT Cellco Partnership DBA Verizon Wireless Unknown 9/15/2010
385234-XXXX Salt Lake City, UT Qwest Corporation Unknown 4/20/2009
385244-XXXX Clec Unknown 5/23/2011
385259-XXXX New Cingular Wireless PCS Unknown 7/6/2011
385322-XXXX S Salt Lake, UT Firstdigital Telecom Unknown 4/23/2009
385351-XXXX Salt Lake City, UT Xo Utah Unknown 8/21/2009
385468-XXXX Salt Lake City, UT Qwest Corporation Unknown
385628-XXXX Salt Lake City, UT Sprint Spectrum L.p. Unknown 11/11/2010
385646-XXXX Salt Lake City, UT Qwest Corporation Unknown 4/17/2009
385743-XXXX Murray, UT Qwest Corporation Unknown 6/11/2009


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