Fake Car Warranty company; claimed the warranty on my car was going to run out and I had to hurry to renew it, and this was the last "courtesy call" they would give. I don't own a car. It was a recording.

Not right address


rec'd call-no message and I have no idea who this is

This person is a catfisher on Tinder.

They called me and asked for someone who wasn't here. I told her that he wasn't here and offered to take a message. She said her name, and then she asked me when I expected him. I told her in about 3 days. Then she asked me if I was him and I told her no. Then she told me I was on a recorded line and asked me again when I expected him. I tried confirming her name again, and then she started asking me more questions. So I told her it was obvious she didn't want to leave a message and I ended the call.

this guy is using different identities and phone#s and has been on Tinder scamming people

This caller stole my iPad from me and is racking up Data Charges on my service. (Theft of Services)


Unknown caller a lot

Some asshole trying to sell extended warranties


Rang 2 times and they hung up.

Text from them withs a link. Spam!

Phonecall, left no voicemail

calling asking for someone regarding litigation

Texted me and asked if they could call me later, I asked who it was, they never responded

Text a pleasant merry Christmas

Keeps calling stays silent when I pickup. Annoying!!

"Edward have 169.11 here for you txt Yes or 3 to Quit