Called today @ 3:55 PM

Excessive calling hangs up before answering

REPEATEDLY calls early in the morning with loud complaints

Name of owner

Called and told me he found my name on the Jaguar Index. Asked me if he was speaking to me by name. Claimed the index above of Jaguar owners had my listed as owning a 60's Jaguar. Then asked me to confirm my last name. Hung up.

Left message that I did not return call about a criminal case against me he would wish me luck as I go through this.

Fake Car Warranty company; claimed the warranty on my car was going to run out and I had to hurry to renew it, and this was the last "courtesy call" they would give. I don't own a car. It was a recording.

Not right address


rec'd call-no message and I have no idea who this is

This person is a catfisher on Tinder.

They called me and asked for someone who wasn't here. I told her that he wasn't here and offered to take a message. She said her name, and then she asked me when I expected him. I told her in about 3 days. Then she asked me if I was him and I told her no. Then she told me I was on a recorded line and asked me again when I expected him. I tried confirming her name again, and then she started asking me more questions. So I told her it was obvious she didn't want to leave a message and I ended the call.

this guy is using different identities and phone#s and has been on Tinder scamming people

This caller stole my iPad from me and is racking up Data Charges on my service. (Theft of Services)


Unknown caller a lot

Some asshole trying to sell extended warranties


Rang 2 times and they hung up.

Text from them withs a link. Spam!