Claimed they are from Microsoft Licensing Dept, and our computers license is void, claim they can see our computers. I own an IT business in Idaho, We run all linux systems..these people are from India and are Scammers, they use the 800 microsofts tel # to place the automated call, then say to call this number 1-877-502-7760

My cell phone is being barraged by calls like this. I'm not answering anymore (as I've never had student loans, don't need carpets cleaned and never had kids, therefore KNOW these peopole afre full of s--t) . BUT, just for the f--- of it, I tried calling back today's call & got that "ding ding ding The # you've called is not in service" BS - Caller ID Spoofing? Why don't we go to and make petition to make that crap illegal to force people to reveal the real # they're calling from UNLESS they are law enforcement, ((Screat Service, Homeland Defense, etc.) As part of that, phone co's should be required, FOR FREE, to 'drop' any unknown # , Blocked or "Spoofed" #'s (where actual # dialed doesnt match # that shows up on ID), Otherwise, it could just be a way for the phone co's to force us to pay for a service, now, couldn't it?

Name and address

Calls and texts pretending to be a friend

When called back got a recording saying number is not in service. Then how were they able to place a call to me?

I got a phone call from this number and I didn't answer. They didn't leave any voice message.

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Got an unknown called. Didn't even say the person name they're calling for. The phone number isn't a business number either. "Tax Id for the tax fraud of the investigating team of our department is investigating you and your family we had tried to notify you regarding these issue and previous 6 months, but we have never got response from you, so it has being considered as an intentional fraud and lawsuit has been filed under your name by United States government you may call our department number 253-237-5188 for more information before we download your case into the courthouse. Thank you". Beware and report!!!

Strange call recieved

Repeatedly calls & does not leave message hangs up & calls back immediately 4 xs

The phone number 757-333-3330 listed on your site belonging to chandler skin care actually belongs to another business. Please can you remove 757-333-3330 from your website? Thank you in advance

Block this number! This is my cell number and someone has spoofed it. If you are getting calls from this number, ignore it and block it.

Victoria Flores Banez Scammer for credit cards info, phishing for your information. do not answer, report call. Multiple calls from this number

Above phone number has been calling every day without leaving a message

Called at 5:30 AM!!! Who does that!! Glad my phone was silenced for the night!

Calls 2-3 times a day and leaves no message

Repeats attempted calls. I called number back once... background sound like many others in same room. Probable scam ring

Suspicious caller

Young girl harassing